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“Party Quest” is an active and bright quest in which the program is adapted to the specific age of the participants.

The interior of the four rooms is filled with popular and modern elements in the teenage environment, which are supplemented with led lights and neon. The main components of the quest: a laser maze, a secret tunnel, a touch screen, toggle switches, as well as many puzzle boxes and at the end – a safe with a super prize!


Price in PARTY ROOM:

Room rental with administrator (3 hours) + program (1 host):

ROOM No. 1 + SMALL banquet hall + Party Quest rooms= 320 euro

ROOM no. 2 + LARGE Banquet Hall + Party Quest Rooms = 380 euro

*And further depends on the additional option you choose. For example: “Party Quest” in the first hall with a large wind cannon (neon or pearl ribbons) = 420 euros.

Programme includes:

  • Room for activities + hall for banquet for rent (3 hours)
  • Quest (1 hour)
  • The festive program plays out all the popular themes from social networks and games in the children’s environment, as well as favorite characters through games, dances, songs, puzzles, quests and quizzes on the big screen.

Free of charge:
• parking for customers,
•Coffee machine (5 cups),
• styled super-diplomas,
• digital invitations to invited guests,
• photo area with photo accessories (thematic photo frames, thematic plastic elements and exclusive accessories for the photo session)!



  • NEON RIBBON SHOW + BIG air cannon = 100 EUR (more than a thousand meters of neon ribbons)

  • NEON TATTO = 30 EUR/hour

  • FACEPAINT or NEON FACEPAINT (+ neon hairspray, according to the child’s choice) = 60 EUR per hour (up to 12 people), if the number of children is larger, then each additional 15 min + 15 EUR.

  • Glow-sticks box (colored light sticks, glasses, ears) = 30 EUR

  • LED Ice Cubes for Drinks – Glowing ice cubes for drinks
    = 20 EUR

  • Glow Stiks – Glowing sticks (there are several lighting modes) = 1.5 EUR/pc.

  • Glow Stick Pop Tubes – Anti-stress glowing crackling tube (there are several lighting modes) – 3 EUR/pc.

  • LED borders with flowers – 2.50 EUR/pc.

  • Glow Balloon Stand (6 balloons) – 20 EUR (Balloons stand for rent)

  • LED foam stick – 2 EUR/piece

  • Neon balloons – 10 EUR/ 20 pcs

  • PHOTO ZONES and PROPS for thematic photo sessions starting from 50 euros
  • Multimedia quiz on the KAHOOT projector, with questions about the birthday boy. All guests participate using a special interactive application on their phones, led by the birthday boy himself with an animator = 15 EUR
  • SILVER or PAPER SHOW (silver metallized film or white paper) + hand wind cannon = from 55 EUR (10 kg), 70 EUR (15 kg)

  • SILVER or PAPER SHOW (silver metallized film or white paper) + LARGE air cannon = from 100 EUR (15 kg)

  • Video shooting on a “green screen”. During the party we will film each participant, edit the video, add special effects and then, at the end of the party, present the video on the big screen = from 150 EUR! See the video
  • Confetti cannon (white, silver, gold or multicolored confetti) = from 40 EUR

  • TRANSFORMERS SHOW – huge robots-transformers, of your choice: Arcee, Batman = from 100 EUR, Bumblebee, Optimus Prime = from 160 EUR, Megatron = from 200 EUR

  • MINECRAFT-ROBOT is a character of Steve from the game Minecraft, in which the plastic case incorporates: a voice converter, LED lights and special sound effects from the game! SHOW + photo session = 80 euros

  • Smoke cannon (shooting from a smoke cannon) = from 35 EUR

  • Rent of tablecloths – 7 EUR/pcs.

  • Each participant will be issued a plastic medal, with space for a signature or comment from the jubilee (12 cm diameter) = from 1.5 EUR/piece

*the indicated prices are current in our children’s room Party Room! See the room


Staff: 1 event manager, 1 artist, 1 assistant
Languages: Latvian, Russian, English

Book your super party in time: +371 28 361 463
“SUPER PARTY” party agency
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